Wir über uns

Sven und Martina Rössler

We are Martina and Sven Rössler, a creative couple who are passionate about the world of flowers. Martina, with over 40 years of experience as a florist, is the creative mind behind our stunning arrangements. Her love for flowers and her ability to harmoniously combine colors and shapes bring our creations to life. Hailing from Hamburg and representing the third generation in floristry within our family, she continued the tradition and was honored in 2022 with the Business Award as the best florist in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Sven, her husband, is the man behind the scenes who juggles numbers and masters logistics. His fondness for organization and his skill with special deliveries ensure that our flower arrangements reach their destinations safely and promptly. For over 20 years, he has been supporting Martina in her pursuit of floral success.

Together, we are a well-coordinated team that expresses the beauty of nature through floral creations. Our love for each other and for the world of flowers is reflected in every carefully arranged blossom that leaves our shop.